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Important Tips for Using Humidifier at Home


If you frequently use a humidifier, you’re definitely seeking for practical advice to avoid some simple humidifier-related home problems, aren’t you? One of them would be humidifiers making your floor wet? If you have different sizes of humidifier with different capacities, you’ll still probably have the same problems, like walls are getting ruined etc. But […]

Avoid Putting These Things Into Your Humidifier Now!


There was one time that I was tempted to put different types of liquid in my humidifier, especially essential oils. That was when I thought a humidifier could work as a diffuser; I now know better. Before deciding to put essential oils in my humidifier, I did some quick research, and the result says they […]

4 Reasons Why Humidifier Should Not Be On The Floor

floor humidifier

If you are here, the chances are that you have just purchased a humidifier for yourself or indoor plants. Some might be thinking about bringing one to their homes and learning about every aspect to get the most out of these small-sized yet unique products. One of the aspects is an appropriate place for this […]

4 Shocking Truths About Black Stuff In Humidifier Water


Humidifiers have been popular for the last decade due to the variety of benefits they offer. They help with skin dryness and nose bleeds, but they also provide sufficient moisture to indoor plants. However, it becomes difficult to get all these advantages if the water color changes to black. Rather than assisting you with the […]

Quick Guide for Best Small Humidifier with Humidistat


One of the best investments you can make to keep yourself fit and healthy is to get a humidifier with a humidistat. Do you frequently get cold symptoms? It’s possible that this is due to the dry air. For small rooms, small humidifiers with humidistats are ideal. They adjust the humidity of the air in […]

Tips to prevent mold growth when using Humidifiers

tips to prevent-mold-growth

Are you, like me, someone who relies on a humidifier in your home? If you answered yes, then this blog post is for you. Humidifiers can help to reduce air dryness and are an excellent therapy for treating dryness in the nose, throat, skin, and lips. However, over usage of humidifiers might result in a […]

Can Humidifier Cause Sore or Dry Throat? It depends…


I used to get sore throats as a kid, and even now that I’m older, I still get dry throats from time to time, even if I’m not exposed to a humidifier, so it really depends on your environment and health habits. A sore throat is a very common illness that can be caused by […]

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