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4 Reasons Why Humidifier Should Not Be On The Floor

floor humidifier

If you are here, the chances are that you have just purchased a humidifier for yourself or indoor plants.

Some might be thinking about bringing one to their homes and learning about every aspect to get the most out of these small-sized yet unique products.

One of the aspects is an appropriate place for this item. Whatever your goal is, be it an improvement in sleep or minimizing skin irritation, you can only avail the maximum benefits if you choose the correct place for your humidifier.

Generally, it is unsuitable to put this item on the floor. Before selecting a spot, I highly recommend going through the main reasons to avoid doing it.

One should avoid placing a humidifier on the floor since the cool mist it produces does not properly mix with the room air, making the atmosphere less humid than required. It also makes the floor wet as the vapors settle on the surface.

In this article, I’ve tried to give you with enough information on the key reasons why customers should not place humidifiers in the room’s bottom area, as well as the factors that influence humidifier placement.

I’m hoping you’ll pick it up quickly.

4 Main Reasons To Avoid Placing Humidifier On Floor

Lowers The Chance Of Mixing

The purpose of a humidifier is to increase the humidity of the surrounding area to an optimum level.

When it is placed on a surface such as a table that is higher from the ground, the cool or warm mist incorporates well with the air, making it adequately damp.

On the other hand, if selecting an area somewhere on the floor, the steam does not properly rise to mix with air particles. Instead, it accumulates on the ground and makes it extremely wet.

The greater the distance from the floor, the better the desired results. It becomes more problematic if you put this item on a rug or mat since its surface is not firm which is the major requirement and the threads keep absorbing the water.

It is preferred to buy a portable humidifier that allows you to easily move it to the table or nightstand when you need to.

There can be an exception in choosing a location in case you have brought a humidifier which includes an option for placing it on the ground.

Causes Damage To The Surface

A large number of households have wooden floors. Wood has the capability of taking in and absorbing water due to its porous nature.

When you choose to place a humidifier on a wooden floor, it will gradually absorb most of the moisture. Some waterproof wood types are better at resisting water while some are not. The entry of water into the pores of this material leads to its expansion.

With the passage of time, the wood deforms and you will notice other problems in structure as well. Therefore, if you are thinking of bringing a non-portable humidifier that you can place on the floor, use a sealer or paint to enhance the moisture-resistant properties of the wood if you have not covered it before.

Potentially Harm Electric Appliances

What harm may a product that appears to be well-made and simple cause? This setback, however, has nothing to do with a humidifier.

If it is placed on the ground, it will become wet, which is the reason I explained earlier. Most electrical equipments are sensitive to water and can be irreversibly damaged if they come into contact with it.

The mist can have a harmful impact on the parts of any gadget of this type if it is close by. It’s impossible to remember to keep these items away from a humidifier on the floor all of the time.

As a result, it is preferable to place your humidifier higher up.

Hazardous Around Kids

The readers might be aware of the fact that several humidifiers produce steam after boiling the water in the container.

There is a possibility that a humidifier leaks and releases hot water around.  In homes where people tend to put a steam humidifier on the floor and have pets or babies, these products can cause serious injury or burns in case of leakage since babies tend to crawl and can come in contact with this water.

It is essential to take precautions and select the location of the humidifier wisely. if you have toddlers in your family.

It is one of the reasons to not select an area on the floor that many people often ignore. If you have bought a cool-mist product that has the option of placing it on the floor, you can adjust it to the available space on the floor.

Factors That Influence Location Selection Of Humidifier

After that, you get fully aware of multiple factors to avoid choosing a floor for a humidifier, following are some aspects the awareness of which further give the best outcomes and guide in choosing a spot:

  • Objective of buyers
  • Working of a humidifier according to its type
  • Size of room
  • Option for portability
  • Presence of live wires and walls

Frequently Asked Questions About Humidifiers

Can a humidifier damage the floor?

Yes, a humidifier can damage surfaces that are highly porous and absorb water (such as wooden floors) and affect their structure when placed on a floor. If you leave it unattended, it will also damage the paint layer on the room walls.

Does a humidifier make a room dusty?

In case you do not clean your humidifier tank and its filter often, there are maximum chances of deposition of calcium salts and other minerals in the product. It results in a cloud of visible white dust that settles on the surfaces in that area.

Yes, humidifiers, especially cool-mist ones, are safe for children and babies. They provide protection when air is dry as in cold weather conditions and the humidity level helps improve their sleep.

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