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Is it Better to Mop with Hot Water or Cold Water?


I have tried mopping with different types of water at different temperatures to see what happens.  And I’ve found out the best type of water temperature to use when cleaning your floor.

So, which do you think is better for mopping, hot water or cold water? In general, using cold water (15 – 18 degrees Celsius) to mop or clean your floor is the safest option. It’s also good to add vinegar so you can disinfect your floor at the same time. If your floor is made of a delicate sort of material, applying hot water can surely damage it.

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However If you have never considered the temperature of the water used to mop your floor, then you are in the right place. You should know that mopping can be done with either hot or cold water, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends on the type of floor material and how well you know how to clean that type of floor. 

Let’s just say that each type of floor has its own rules for mopping. 🙂

In this post, we will discuss using hot or cold water for mopping, as well as finding out if there’s a proper way for cleaning floors.

What does mopping with hot water do to your floor?

If you intend to mop your floors with hot water, you should read the following three possible impacts.

There are three main issues that can arise when using hot water to clean your flooring.

  1. It can deform or warp your tiles
  2. It can cause the grout to become loose
  3. Hot water can cause the finish of the floor to become dull

While it is true that hot water is highly effective for cleaning, it can also cause harm to flooring if you are not careful.

If you insist on using hot water, I recommend that you first test it on a tiny section of your flooring to determine whether it does any damage.

Many floorings are now extremely delicate, which is why I use cold water in mopping. Continue reading to find out what cold water does to your floor.

What does mopping with cold water do to your floor?

In my experience using cold water when mopping floors, I noticed that my floors are a lot shinier. If you mop properly, it can definitely help to remove dirt and stains from your floor. And cold water can help to keep your floors looking like new, because it doesn’t make the finish of floors look dull.

Here are three things to expect when cleaning your floor with cold water.

  1. Cold water is less likely to cause any significant damage to your floors
  2. It helps keep floors cleaner for longer periods of time
  3. Cold water is easier to rinse off

If you are unfamiliar with the sort of flooring you have and are a beginner at cleaning floors, you should begin with cold water. It is significantly safer and performs as promised.

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You may now be wondering if you should mop the floor with only water; well, let’s find out.

Should you mop the floor with just water alone?

Water and a mop can effectively clean the floor, but they may not be as efficient as a cleaning solution. Water will assist remove dirt and grime, but it may not be able to break down all the dirt and grime as effectively as a cleaning solution. If you intend to use only water to clean the floor, you need to apply more effort and scrub the floor properly.

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Tips for cleaning floors effectively with a mop and water alone

1. Sweep the floor before mopping. This will help in the removal of excess dirt and debris.

2. Wet the mop before mopping. This will help in preventing streaks and water marks on your floor.

3. Do not over wet your mop. Mold and mildew may occur as a result of over-wetting.

4. Start mopping the floor carefully. If the mop is excessively heavy, it will drag and swiftly distribute water around the floor.

5. Before moving any furniture, the floor must be fully dry. This will help prevent the growth of mold and moisture.

Now that you’ve learned some tips for cleaning floors with a mop and water alone, I’d like to share the proper way for mopping a floor, which is especially helpful for beginners.

What’s the proper way to mop a floor?

Regardless if you use just water or with a cleaning solution, you need to learn the proper way to mop floors.

I personally spend a lot of time going back and forth cleaning floors and I don’t seem to do it the proper way. Fortunately I was able to follow a process that helped me clean the floor effectively.

Mind you there is no one right way to mop a floor, as long as you end up with a clean surface. 

However, here are some tips that can make the job easier and clean the floor effectively. 

First, select the appropriate mop for your floor type. This is crucial since using a mop that isn’t built for your specific floor may either make a mess of it or prevent you from cleaning it properly.

I suggest you check out this household mops and bucket sets to learn more.

Second, before you begin mopping, gather all of the necessary supplies. You must have your cleaning supplies on hand while cleaning in order to avoid stepping on previously cleaned flooring.

Third, begin in the farthest part of the room and work your way towards the exit door you intend to use. You can’t just start anywhere, like I used to do. But now I start cleaning at the farthest corner and have a plan for where to finish.

Fourth, when mopping, use a back and forth motion and rinse your mop often. I’m sure you’re familiar with the back and forth action, but I’m guessing you don’t rinse out your mop as frequently as it needs to. And it’s also a waste of time and energy not to rinse your mop during and after cleaning.

Most of you are probably bored of returning to your washing area to rinse your mop, which is why, in the second method I suggested, you should have all of your cleaning tools with you when you begin cleaning.

Fifth, don’t forget to clean underneath furniture and in other hard-to-reach areas. This fifth step is necessary since I am aware that some floors are really difficult to clean due to some large furniture, and if you skip cleaning under those furniture and other hard-to-reach areas, you are not properly and effectively cleaning your floor.

Following these five tips to properly mop your floor will help you get the best results.

Wrapping Up

If you’re wondering if there is a rule or routine that you must follow when cleaning your floors. As a general guideline, mop your house as often as needed to maintain it clean.

You may need to mop weekly or even daily depending on how many people live in your house and how frequently they track in dirt and mud.

Don’t forget to check out our resources page to find the best items to make your home feel good always! 🙂

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