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Bad Diffuser Smells and Good Home Smelling Essential Oils


Smelly diffusers are primarily caused by a lack of a regular cleaning routine. I have two diffusers, and I always clean them with vinegar periodically. Simply keep the vinegar up to the fill line of your diffuser and let it sit for several hours, preferably overnight, to clean it effectively without turning on your diffuser. After that, you drain it and wipe it with a paper towel.

One of the best ways to feel good after a long day at work is to smell your home with essential oils. The aroma of the essential oils, which magically rejuvenates us, aids in preparing for the approaching days. We all prefer different types of scents, and in this post, I’ll go over some of the fragrances that you may not be familiar with or that sound unusual to you.

Variety of essential oils for scenting your home

We all enjoy different types of scents, and occasionally we want to get rid of unpleasant odors in our homes, such as pet odors and kitchen smell. Other than the foul odors I described, you’ll enjoy the good smelling essential oils listed below that you may not have heard of.

Fruity smelling essential oils

What’s the point of having a fruity scent in your house? Fruity scents are known to be invigorating and energetic, hence their popularity. Many essential oil users prefer the fruity scents, which you may find in the following list:

Pink grapefruit scented essential oils 

The folks who purchased it all agree that the scent it emits makes them happy. It has a mild, fruity aroma that is perfect for diffusing alone. Some people mix it with blend essential oils, and prefer this one than other citrus oils.

If you enjoy grapefruit, this is great to try at home.

Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil 10 mL

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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil 10 mL

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Organics Grapefruit Pink Oil with Dropper- 118 ml 

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Lemon scented essential oils

The smell of lemon, which is considered by some to be a household staple because of its numerous uses, always brightens up my day for some reason. It’s funny, but some people use this essential oil to remove sticky glue stains from their clothes, and it’s also great for cleaning the kitchen.

Lemon Essential Oil 100 mL

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Organic Lemon Essential Oil 30 ml

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Handcraft Lemon Essential Oil with Premium Glass Dropper 114 ml

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Mandarin scented essential oils

Another incredibly fragrant and extremely pleasant smell that you would surely want to have around is the mandarin essential oils. But you should be cautious while adding drops to your diffuser because it has a powerful scent and can make you feel dizzy if you inhale too much of it.

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Organic Green Mandarin Essential Oil 10 mL

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Green Mandarin Essential Oil 10 mL

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SVA Organics Mandarin Essential Oil 118 ml 

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Orange scented essential oils

I like the smell of orange essential oils at home; I’m not sure why, but it reminds me of the real thing, and I enjoy eating oranges. This one is truly going to make your house feel nice.

Blood Orange Essential Oil 30 mL

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Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil 10 mL

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Handcraft Sweet Orange Essential Oil 114 mL

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Coconut scented essential oils

Coconut is one of my favorite scents. It transports me to another world, and I can’t wait to get some fresh juicy coconut in my house to enjoy. At home, this could give you that extra oomph that you’re looking for.

Pure Organic Therapeutic Grade Coconut Essential Oils 10 ml

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Coconut Scented Oil by Good Essential 10 ml

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Coconut Essential Oil for Diffuser 10 mL

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Tangerine scented essential oils

It’s possible that you already have other citrusy essential oils, but once you try tangerine, you’ll see that it makes a difference. Your mood is lifted and your day is brightened.

Tangerine Organic Essential Oil 30 mL

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Tangerine Essential Oil 30 mL 

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SVA Organics Tangerine Essential Oil 118 mL

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Sweet scented essential oils

Anyone who wants their house to have a candy or bubble gum scent will love sweet-smelling essential oils. A whiff of that delectable aroma will bring out the youngster in everyone.

Candy smelling essential oils

If you just want your house to smell like candy or cotton candy. Try this one out and see how you like it.

Cotton Candy Scented Oil by Good Essential 30 mL

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Bubble gum smelling essential oils

Some folks claim that this smells exactly like bubble gum. Try it out.

Bubble Gum Scented Oil by Good Essential 30 mL

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Blue tansy smelling essential oils

They adore it not only for its lovely aroma, but also for the fact that it is one of a kind in that it can make you feel happy and well.

Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil 2.5 mL

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Davana smelling essential oils

This essential oil is commonly used in perfumery as a flavoring agent and to give a sweet fruity top-note. It relaxes the nerves, restores emotional balance, and helps to clear the mind.

Davana Essential Oil 5 mL

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Hotel scent essential oil

Hotel scent essential oils are a great way to add a little extra pizzazz to your home. There are several reasons why hotel scents work so well, but the mix of fresh and clean is what really sets them apart. I always associate the fragrance with wood, thus I’ve included a list of wood basics below.

Amyris essential oils

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Atlas cedarwood essential oils

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Patchouli essential oils

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Tropical scent essential oils

Without a question, we all enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass. However, what if I told you that you could duplicate that aroma in your own home? There are several essential oils with a tropical scent, and if you’re seeking for the ideal perfume for your house, here’s how to get started.

Balsam fir essential oils

Balsam Fir Essential Oil 10 mL

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Cypress essential oils

Cypress Essential Oil 10 mL

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Scots pine essential oils

Scots Pine Essential Oil 30 mL

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Essential oils that smell good together

There are numerous essential oils that are excellent for diffusing or incorporating into a blend to assist your body or home in feeling better. However, what about those that complement one another? These are the oils that will enhance the scent and the benefits of the other oils.

Best essential oil mixes with following;

Lavender – mixes well with Clove bud, Lemon, Rose, and Cedarwood

Mandarin – mixes well with Frankincense, Peppermint, Orange and Lime

Patchouli – mixes well with Myrrh, Orange, Bergamot and Palmarosa

Essential oils for fresh clean smell

You want a clean, fresh-smelling house free of chemicals. Essential oils are natural and can be used to improve the ambiance in your home, freshen the air, and give a fresh aroma.

You can use some clean smelling essential oils, or fresh clean scent essential oils for your pet odor too.

Below are some essential oils for a clean smelling house for the bathroom, and kitchen etc.

Essential oils for bathroom smells

Lemon essential oils

Organic Lemon Essential Oil 30 mL

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Camphor white essential oils

Camphor Essential Oil 30 mL

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Essential oils for kitchen smell

Tea tree essential oils

Tea Tree Essential Oil 30 mL

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Lemon eucalyptus essential oils

Lemon Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil 30 mL

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Essential oils for pet odor

Deodorizing essential oils

Deodorizing Essential Oil Blend 10 mL

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