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The Complete Best Water To Use For Your Diffuser Guide


When I initially start diffusing our essential oils, the first thing I do is figure out which water is best for my diffuser. I always double-check my diffuser’s handbook to make sure I’m using the right water for it. Knowing what water to use in your diffuser is important because you want to get the […]

Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser: Is it good and how to use?


Is wooden diffuser a good essential oil diffuser? Yes, a wooden diffuser is a great essential oil diffuser, especially for those of us who enjoy a pleasant smell in our homes anywhere we want. Because they’re simple and beautiful, natural, without using water and electricity and affordable, wooden oil diffusers have an undeniable following. However, […]

Ceramic essential oil diffuser: How to use and more


We’ve been using ceramic essential oil diffusers for years. They’re not only a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for family and friends but we also benefit from its therapeutic effects. They’re an excellent replacement for the artificial and usually toxic air fresheners or scented candles. We also have a few in our guest […]

Bad Diffuser Smells and Good Home Smelling Essential Oils


Smelly diffusers are primarily caused by a lack of a regular cleaning routine. I have two diffusers, and I always clean them with vinegar periodically. Simply keep the vinegar up to the fill line of your diffuser and let it sit for several hours, preferably overnight, to clean it effectively without turning on your diffuser. […]

Can you sleep and leave diffusers on all night?

diffuser at night

Can you sleep with a diffuser on? Can I leave my diffuser on all night? These are questions that you may not have considered, but that some of us who own an oil diffuser have been wondering about for quite some time. Why wouldn’t I want a pleasant aroma of essential oils to fill my […]

Experts Explains: Can oil diffusers work as a humidifier?


Why are oil diffusers and humidifiers so closely tied to one another? I used to work as a lab technician in a controlled environment where we monitored the humidity variations in our lab. It was a (literally) fun and cool profession that I did for about ten years… 🙂 When I worked in that lab, […]

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